Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Blog Award

A big thank you to Rachel for my award :)

I am really pleased to find I have received this award and am going to enjoy passing it on!

Now for some blog rules (which I am happy to follow):

1. Link back to the kind person who gave you the award - check

2. Share 8 things - check (see below)

3. Give the award to 8 bloggers - check (see below)

4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards - just about to do this!

8 things about me

Some you may already know!

1. I love Christmas - and any holiday that allows me to spend quality time with all my family!

2. I would love to be an infant school teacher.

3. I hope to go to University at somepoint in the future before I am too old (see above).

4. I collect blue nosed bears of all shapes and sizes.

5. I am very lucky to be able to say that 2 of my best friends are my sister and my husbands cousin, both of whom love scrapbooking!

6. I am going to see Take that in July ♥

7. I have lived in the same town for all of my 33 years (apart from 6months which I hated)

8. I am extremly happy to be able to say that I am married to the man I fell in love with when I was 17 and we will have been married for 15 years in January.  He is my very best friend and together we have 2 beautiful daughters. ♥

Eight wonderfully interesting bloggers - this is quite difficult beacause I only regularly follow 10 blogs and I love them all!  So my apologies if you've already had this award!

http://carrieonscrapping.blogspot.com/  Carrie (Hi babe, love you x)

http://sarahscardsltd.blogspot.com/  Sarah (I love this shop too)

http://rachelbsworld.blogspot.com/  Rachel (Hi hunny, love you too x)

Even with the little amount of blog hopping I have done so far this was really hard as I have discovered I love all the blogs I follow, thank you to any of you have read my blog and/or left me any comments.


Trees, trees & more trees!

When I told my girls I was getting the tree up tonight they were very excited and I think I got a bit carried away ......

My main tree

The twisted tree

Table tree

Mini trees

A few more trees

The tatty teddy/blue nose bear tree!

In case you can't tell I love Christmas trees & gold at Christmas! The rest of the decorations will have to wait until the weekend but I'm getting very excited now! JYC tomorrow, yay:)


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Monday, 29 November 2010

What a festive day was had by all....

I just had to pop in and share my lovely day with you, it was spent with 2 of my favourite people Rachel & Carrie craft shopping at 2 different garden centres and getting completley overloaded with Christmas excitment by looking at all the decorations displayed so beautifully.

In case you didn't know Gold is my favourite Christmas colour so I just loved this display:)

I bought quite a lot of Xmas stash today ready for JYC starting in 2 days, yay can't wait now!

I love my little craft bag!

We had a lovely day and did get a bit silly towards the end much to the disgust of other people walking by!

We did get some funny looks but we didn't seem to care!

I also couldn't resist buying some more decorations ready to put up at the weekend....

Thank you Carrie & Rachel for a great day and I cant't wait for our JYC crop on Monday.


Monday, 22 November 2010

A quick blog tonight...

Hi all, just a quick update tonight.  I'm getting really excited about JYC now and can't wait for December 1st...I have cut some more papers to fit in my album, prepared some embellishments, made some background papers which I will share at another time and collected all my Christmas stash together.

My main reason for blogging tonight is to share these little guys with you......because my girls have unusual names we find it very difficult to find things which are personalised so when my hubby saw these gorgeous blue nose bears tree decorations (which I collect) he came home with ones with short names on with the suggestion that I scrape off and add the names myself.  I'm really happy with how they turned out, my girls love them and I can't wait to hang them on my tree.

That's it for now.

Night all


Thursday, 18 November 2010

More JYC, I appear to have become obsessed!!!!!!!

I have now managed to finish inside and outside back cover of my lovely A/C album. :)
On the inside of the back cover I have added another envelope to hold a CD of all my Christmas piccies.
I appear to have become obsessed with these cute envelopes and have made them in various sizes this week, Thank you Rachel for showing me how to make them at our crop this week :)

I seem to be getting quite organised with my JYC at the moment and have sorted my stash quite well and have some papers ready to cut to size.  I am really looking forward to my annual craft shop to Nottcutts with Rachel and this year my sister Carrie is joining us so it should be a lot of fun on the 27th :)

Night all

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My album came at last...and I've finished the cover!!!!

My JYC album arrived at last yesterday but unfortunately I worked late yesterday and so didn't have time to do anything with it :(

I'm happy to say that I managed to find some 'me' time today and this is the result.....

and then I got really carried away and this was the result......

This is inside the front cover where I have add a fairly large envelope to hold any little Christmas momentos that dont end up on a JYC page!

and this is the outside edge that you will be able to see when it is on my bookshelf.

I'm so happy with what I've achieved today despite working a long day again that I'm going to go off to bed a happy person now.  Back soon fellow bloggers for more JYC prep and maybe some other layouts if I find the time :)

Night all
Vicki-Jane x

Monday, 15 November 2010

JYC prep

Well a great day was had by all preparing for JYC, listening to Xmas music and generally chatting about all things Christmas at todays crop with Rachel and Carrie :) It was so exciting we have booked our next two crops already and one is during Christmas week - Yay!!!

During todays crop I managed to finish all my page numbers and make some very cute envelopes.  When I checked my emails this evening I was even more excited to discover that my A/C album has been dispatched by Sarahs Cards !!!!  As soon as it arrives I will be jumping straight on it so I can get the cover finished as I have so many ideas for it :)


Thanks for reading,
Good night all

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Evening all

Just a quick post tonight as I want to get back to sorting my Christmas stash :)
 I popped out this morning and added a few more bits to my stash and I have finally ordered an album for my JYC having given up on trying to make one (maybe nexttime)!
I just have to share this piccie with you to show how excited I am about JYC....

Friday, 12 November 2010

Our crop and my terrible blogging!!!!

On Monday we had a crop at my house which was a lot of fun and I actually managed to complete 2 L/O whilst also chatting and doing juice and snack runs for the various children we had between us (mainly breadsticks!)
I was joined for my crop by my sister and my favorite cousin.  Whilst we were chatting I was reminded of how long it's been since I did any blogging so here I am....

We have another crop planned for next Monday which going to focus on JYC prep which we are all taking part in this year, this will be mine and Carries (sis) first year and at least Rachels(cuz) 3rd year doing JYC so it is all very exciting.  I have spent the last few days sorting through my stash and I'm sure I will blog some more about that soon

Back soon - I promise x