Sunday, 20 February 2011

I'm back & I'm sorry!

It's official, I have decided that I am the worlds worst blogger!  I have just realised that I haven't blogged since before last months Girly Crop and I'm going on the next one tomorrow (not at my house this time but at Rachels)

I have decided that I am not going to attempt to catch up on my JYC posting right now, I am going to take a break from it (even though it is finished!) and attempt to post more frequently as my latest projects are not daily and therefore not as time consuming.

My first new project is an adaptation of a couple of projects run previously - one is project 365 (which is still ongoing) and the other is Document 2010 (from last year obviously!).  My project is simply called 'Document 2011' and consists of a 12x12 album which I have rearranged to have 12x12 plain page protectors and 12x12 divided photo protectors.  Each month consists of an 'envelope page' simply decorated with some form of envelope to hold all the momentos from that month and the title simple being the month.  The second page is the 'divided photo page' which will include some journalling cards, some feature photos from the month and a completed summary of my project 365 with descriptions.  The thirs and final pahe is a ' feature page' showing a significant event from that month or simply a photo taken in that month that I just had to scrap!

I hope you all enjoy sharing this project with me and below is a few piccies of the first
months pages and my album....

My album and explanation/welcome page.


 My envelope page with lots of reciepts and anniversary cards in it :)

 The first half of my photo pages with a couple of clearer photos of my journalling.

The second half of my photo page and a clearer photo of the journalling.


Last but some months the most important page, my feature page.  This month about a big change for me on the work front but still a happy event....

Thank you if you are still reading after all that rambling on and I promise to try not to make all my posts quite so long, maybe if I manage to blog more often I wont feel the need to include quite so much.  I'm off to pack my crop bag for tomorrows crop with Rachel and Carrie now. 

Night, night all

Vicki- Jane