Friday, 25 November 2011

It's almost time.....

The post lady brought me 3 lovely parcels today! You can tell its almost that wonderful time again, no I don't mean THAT time I mean JYC time!!!

My deliveries are very exciting, some inks for printing my pics, some lovely Xmas washi tapes and most exciting of all lots of the most gorgeous papers including journaling cards, elements and stickers from my new favourite range from simple stories - 25 days of Christmas!

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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Go Go To You

I had a wonderful time today at a scrapagogo crop in Surrey with the lovely Rachel.

This is my favourite layout started during this mornings class by the lovely Rebekah Montague, I have finally finished it tonight after a battle of me versus the paper flowers shown below! Don't they look amazing though?

The picture below shows my journalling with the class heading 'Life Lessons Learnt'

The other layout I have completed today was much quicker and was made during my last class today by the lovely Kirsty Smith very aptly titled 'Rumples and Ribbons'. This class was very strange for me because it involved lots of random sized pieces of paper and screwing up paper which is something I would never do but thoroughly enjoyed!

I'm going to leave blog world now for the night after an exhausting but brilliant day. Hopefully now I'm back in the swing of things with my scrapping I will find some time for more regular blogging (no promises though!)

See you soon lovely blight people.

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Monday, 18 April 2011

Photo of the week :-)

I have decided to follow the example of a couple of my blogging friends and do a photo of the week post! My day for doing this is going to be a Monday as that is the day I seem to get the most time to do my scrapping/blogging :-)

This weeks piccie was taken at the christening of my cousins two gorgeous bubbas - it is not of the babies but of my two favourite ladies who are wonderful ladies/mums/aunts/sisters and it's lovely to see them together :-)

Just a quick post tonight to introduce this new item on my blog! Hopefully back soon to catch up with some of my BFS prompts and the new class which started today 'beyond' BFS :-)


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Thursday, 31 March 2011

My favourite things - Prompt 3

Just a quick list and a short ecplanation for this one I think!

My favourite things at the moment are:

  • The colour Blue - In clothes, on walls, on my nails.  I especially like it mixed with brown in all these things as well and can't wait to decorate my bedroom these colours.

  • Shoes - Especially wedges.  Wedge boots for the winter and wedge sandals for the summer!  Or the must have ballet slipper style shoe of which I have a multitude of colours :)

  • Amarige - This is the perfume I have used for years and yet still love.  DH always buys me some and makes sure I never run out!  I have tried other scents and yet always seem to return to this one.

  • The Rain - I only like the rain when I have nowhere urgent to be!  I love the sound of a proper down pour, I love the smell of a fresh rain in the spring and I love running about in the rain when it doesnt matter what I look like!

  • Books - All kinds of books, I will read most things but I always have a book on the go!  I am loving the kindle app on my phone but I still love the feel of a book and turning the pages.  I read romances, fantasy, true stories, thrillers, erotic fiction, crime and will try most other genres if recommended.  My DH and eldest DD are the same but my younger DD has yet to find a love of books but hopefully that will came one day (fingers crossed). I am currently reading a book by JD Robb.

I think I'll leave my list there but hopefully I will revisit it another day.


Public or Private - Prompt 2

I have always had my blog as very open and public and haven't really worried about it so far!  Although I always check that I blur out anything giving too many details on my layouts my name is out there already because of my work so I don't tend to think about it too much but today that is what BFS has asked us to do.

So I have been waiting to scrap this picture for years and still havent got around to it :(

So I have used Shimelles planning sheet for how I would do this layout and come up with the fact that it wouldnt say much!  This picture was taken in January 1997 on my wedding day :) The things I would include in my L/O would be who was there, that it was snowing and that my main regret from that day is that we didn't have any proffessional photographs taken!

Hidden somewhere would probably be a journalling tag explaining the family dynamics of the picture, that I can't believe that it was 14 years ago and other more personal details and not included at all although I have put the details on my planning sheet would probably be the story of how my wedding was put together very quickly but that is a very private story and definately not something I would want to share with the world!

I have actually found this prompt quite hard to do and so am going to move straight on to the next one on hopefully a more positive note :)


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Better late than never - Prompt 1

online scrapbooking class :: blogging for scrapbookers

I had intended to post my intentions to blog more regularly but I appear to be 5 days behind already :(  Oh well as Shimelle is always telling us there should be no guilt involved in blogging :)

I originally signed up for this class after the live run had finished but didnt really get very far with it, so hopefully following this time will inspire me to get more involved!

Hello anybody that has popped over from the class forum, hopefully I will be saying hello to a few of you as I blog hop around.

I am including a picture of my scrap area as it looked on the first day of this class as I had not put away any of the stuff from a very successful shopping trip to hobbycraft with not one but two of my favourite people.

My intentions from this class are :-

1. To try to blog more frequently (but I make no promises)
2. To find more confidence about changing my blog around when I feel like a change.
3. To hopefully keep it interesting for other people to read.
4. To meet some more lovely scrappers/bloggers as everybody so far is very freindly.
5. To visit some more very interesting blogs and leave some comments this time (trying not to be shy about this!)

Thats all for now, hopefully back later with some more catch up prompts but I have a lovely baby shower to go to first :)


Saturday, 19 March 2011

What a lovely day

This week I haven't actually managed to find time to do any scrapping :( So I thought I'd share my day with you!

We have spent the morning doing one of the spring jobs I love! Every winter (around late October) we put away the girls trampoline, garden toys and our patio furniture and then in March/April we cut the grass, weed the patio and get it all back out again, in the hopes of some warmer weather!

Here's hoping :)


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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Another week gone ...

I have just realised that despite my promises to blog regularly I am still only posting every couple of weeks :( This is one of the many reasons that I have signed up for shimelles blogging for scrapbookers class :) This is a class that ran some time ago but shimelle is running again before starting a new follow on class! I am really excited to be taking part and hope that it will get me back on track with my blogging X

For those also joining this class for the first or second time I can't wait to see you there X

I am going with my wonderful friends/family who are fellow scrappers to hobbycraft tomorrow and I will hopefully be back soon to tell all about our day and no doubt the wonderful crafty bits I just have to have!


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Sunday, 20 February 2011

I'm back & I'm sorry!

It's official, I have decided that I am the worlds worst blogger!  I have just realised that I haven't blogged since before last months Girly Crop and I'm going on the next one tomorrow (not at my house this time but at Rachels)

I have decided that I am not going to attempt to catch up on my JYC posting right now, I am going to take a break from it (even though it is finished!) and attempt to post more frequently as my latest projects are not daily and therefore not as time consuming.

My first new project is an adaptation of a couple of projects run previously - one is project 365 (which is still ongoing) and the other is Document 2010 (from last year obviously!).  My project is simply called 'Document 2011' and consists of a 12x12 album which I have rearranged to have 12x12 plain page protectors and 12x12 divided photo protectors.  Each month consists of an 'envelope page' simply decorated with some form of envelope to hold all the momentos from that month and the title simple being the month.  The second page is the 'divided photo page' which will include some journalling cards, some feature photos from the month and a completed summary of my project 365 with descriptions.  The thirs and final pahe is a ' feature page' showing a significant event from that month or simply a photo taken in that month that I just had to scrap!

I hope you all enjoy sharing this project with me and below is a few piccies of the first
months pages and my album....

My album and explanation/welcome page.


 My envelope page with lots of reciepts and anniversary cards in it :)

 The first half of my photo pages with a couple of clearer photos of my journalling.

The second half of my photo page and a clearer photo of the journalling.


Last but some months the most important page, my feature page.  This month about a big change for me on the work front but still a happy event....

Thank you if you are still reading after all that rambling on and I promise to try not to make all my posts quite so long, maybe if I manage to blog more often I wont feel the need to include quite so much.  I'm off to pack my crop bag for tomorrows crop with Rachel and Carrie now. 

Night, night all

Vicki- Jane

Sunday, 9 January 2011

JYC Update, Pages 12, 13 & 14

As you can tell I failed in my bid to get all my pages posted by today but I'm still going to attempt to post them over the next few days!

Page 12 - Christmas Past

Day 13 - Music

Day 14 - Gifts

I will be back either later today or tomorrow with a couple of very long posts to finsih up my JYC.  I am very excited to say that I am currently working on the last page of this project - Day 37! I hope to get this finished today so that I can pack away my Christmas stash and move onto more projects!


Monday, 3 January 2011

JYC Update, Pages 9, 10 & 11

It's me again,

Page 9 - Traditions

This is quite a simple couple of pages but you will have to excuse the many photos because all my journalling is hidden behind the pictures but I wanted to share it with you.

Page 10 - Wrapping paper

 There's not really a lot I can say about hese pages as this one of the days I follwed Shimelles keeping it simple ideas!

I love gold at Christmas, decorations, jewellery but especially wrapping paper!

Page 11 - Christmas Trees

I absolutely loved doing this prompt because I love christmas trees and had great fun getting the girls their trees this year!!

The tree on my page is very tacky, its a foam tree out of a tesco foam xhristmas set that cost me 79p!  I love it, especially once I had filled each hole with a different christmas brad! :)

I hope you enjoyed me sharing a few more of my pages with you, I am off to join Carrie & Rachel for our last JYC crop of this years project.  Hopefully I will get to blog some more tonight.