Thursday, 31 March 2011

My favourite things - Prompt 3

Just a quick list and a short ecplanation for this one I think!

My favourite things at the moment are:

  • The colour Blue - In clothes, on walls, on my nails.  I especially like it mixed with brown in all these things as well and can't wait to decorate my bedroom these colours.

  • Shoes - Especially wedges.  Wedge boots for the winter and wedge sandals for the summer!  Or the must have ballet slipper style shoe of which I have a multitude of colours :)

  • Amarige - This is the perfume I have used for years and yet still love.  DH always buys me some and makes sure I never run out!  I have tried other scents and yet always seem to return to this one.

  • The Rain - I only like the rain when I have nowhere urgent to be!  I love the sound of a proper down pour, I love the smell of a fresh rain in the spring and I love running about in the rain when it doesnt matter what I look like!

  • Books - All kinds of books, I will read most things but I always have a book on the go!  I am loving the kindle app on my phone but I still love the feel of a book and turning the pages.  I read romances, fantasy, true stories, thrillers, erotic fiction, crime and will try most other genres if recommended.  My DH and eldest DD are the same but my younger DD has yet to find a love of books but hopefully that will came one day (fingers crossed). I am currently reading a book by JD Robb.

I think I'll leave my list there but hopefully I will revisit it another day.



  1. Great list, shoes have to be in the top 5! ;) x

  2. Please do revisit it another day - I really enjoyed reading your list :)